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First known post to usenet. Original.

From: (Daniel Boese)
Subject: Re: HELP: Recognising stratigic dispositions.
Date: 1995/05/22
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I've been lurking for a while here and am finally putting my $.02 in... :)

Is there any way to combine all of the previously mentioned approaches, 
with limits on each? They've all got advantages, and are more useful in 
certain situations than others (ie, influence mapping seems like it would 
be excellent if you had a several forces on each side, some surrounding 
each other). But is there any way for the AI to recognize which method to 
use in a particular situation? Or would it do a "quickie" run of each, 
and compare?

Then again, I'm not entirely sure I have any idea what I'm talking 
about... :)

Daniel Boese aka Flying Fox