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Subject: Re: Canada Territory
Date: 1997/09/14
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: > > Actually Rohmers "The Trudeau Papers" is far more interesting.  Canada
: > >
: > > winds up in the middle of a nuclear misfire, with radioactive refugees
: > >
: > > being gunned down at the Manitoba-North Dakota border and Ontario
: > > placed
: > > under occupation by the US "at the invitation of the Canadian
: > > government"......

: >     An excellent book, though we must remember when it was written (the
: > 70's), the whole idea of the book was to create a "Vietnam-North"
: > scenario.   The author was not Rohmer BTW.  Im still checking to see who
: > actually was.  In keeping with the "What-If" format, if this story was
: > true - how would other nations (most notably England) react to the
: > literal Occupation/Invasion of Canada?

: Pretty sure the author _was_ Rohmer, as I used to have a copy - and still
: may.  Hmmm....maybe you're right it _wasn't_ Rohmer.....but can't think of
: anyone else paranoid enough...

 I just happen to have a copy of said novel handy...

Title: The Trudeau Papers
Authour: Ian Adams
Copyright: 1971

 A rather depressing little piece. The USA and USSR lob nukes at each 
other, which fall in Canada. Things go worse from there.

 Besides Rohmer's "Exxoneration" series and the Trudeau Papers, can 
anybody name any novels about the US taking over Canada, in the Past, 
Present, or Future?
 "The Two Georges" is another fun novel - King George and George 
Washington came to a historic agreement, leading to "British North 

Daniel Boese