I regularly seek inspiration by taking long solo walks; and during my most recent such, considering what practical consequences (if any) there would be of the universe I know being a simulation – something flipped in my head, and I thought to myself, “Screw the simulators. If I’m the first copy of me, I should make it as hard as possible for any simulation of me to keep up with me – and if I’m a simulation, I’m going to try to do even better than my original did.”

Ignoring the impracticality of trying to out-do myself, is there anything that someone living in an ‘original’ universe can do that would make it harder for a future simulator to reproduce them? And, mirror-wise, is there anything someone in a simulated universe could do to differentiate themselves from their original? And, if the answer to either question is ‘yes’… would it be a good or bad idea to try?


(And is there any way to gather any actual data that might support the answers to such questions, instead of merely making guesses of a similar nature to classic college/stoner “Our whole universe could be, like, an /atom/, man” musings?)

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