Recursion and reflexivity: If nym ever does become a formal IETF spec, then it would be a full-fledged URI; which would mean that the Identity fields in a nym could themselves be nyms. I don’t see any reason to rule this out, as long as it’s made clear that if a nym is used as an identifier, the identifier is referring to the act of assertion made by the nym rather than whatever that nym is itself referring to.

Time periods: ISO 8601 and RFC 3339 allow for time-strings that don’t just refer to a moment, but to an extended period of time. This seems to be quite useful, such as using the string “2000/P1Y” to refer to the whole of that year. And since the current draft for nym’s format doesn’t use the “/” character, no extra ambiguities seem to be introduced by allowing such date-fields.

Next up: Looking up whether there are any ISO or RFC standards on numbers and mathematical notation; and checking on whether it’s meaningful to measure decibans with complex numbers, or if nym should limit the confidence field to real numbers.

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