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From: Foxtaur <>
Subject: HERO: Hivemind character, comments?
Date: 2000/05/15
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 I've come up with what I think is a rather unique character, and I'd like
your opinion on it - both as a character, and as a collection of statistics
and powers.

Character Name: "Us"
        Nickname: "Trouble" (because it comes in threes...)
Player: Daniel Boese <>

Body 1:

Characteristics: -1
Skills:          44
Talents:         10
Powers:         197
Total:         _250_

Base Points:    100
Disadvantages:  150
Total:         _250_

Characteristics: Total: -1
 -5 INT 5
-10 EGO 5
 -5 PRE 5
  1 END 22
  3 +5 INT, linked to Mind Link A
  3 +5 INT, linked to Mind Link B
  3 +5 EGO, linked to Mind Link A
  3 +5 EGO, linked to Mind Link B
  3 +5 PRE, linked to Mind Link A
  3 +5 PRE, linked to Mind Link B

Skills: Total: 44
7 +1 Skill Level, linked to Mind Link A
7 +1 Skill Level, linked to Mind Link B
3 Acrobatics (11-, 12-, or 13-)
3 Breakfall (11-, 12-, or 13-)
3 Concealment: 9+INT/5 (10-, 12-, or 14-)
3 Contortionist (11-, 12-, or 13-)
3 Paramedic: 9+INT/5 (10-, 12-, or 14-)
3 PS: Meditation: 9+EGO/5 (10-, 12-, or 14-)
        [Us is trained to enter meditative states.]
3 Shadowing (11-, 12-, or 13-)
3 Stealth (11-, 12-, or 13-)
3 Survival (11-, 12-, or 13-)
3 Tracking: 9+INT/5 (10-, 12-, or 14-)

Talents: Total: 10
10 Eidetic Memory

Powers: Total: 197
28 Duplication, Body 2 (210 points), Always On
14 Duplication, Body 3 (210 points), Always On
        [When two or more bodies are touching, by taking a full phase at
        1/2 DCV, instead of the duplicates re-merging, the bodies'
        memories are re-integrated.]
        [Duplication always on is different from followers. Duplicates
        have a greater sense of loyalty than followers do. GMs generally
        run followers, but players can run their own duplicates.]
25 Enhanced Sense: Mental Awareness, Discriminatory, Targeting
        [360 degree sense. Targeting allows Us to establish Line of
        Sight on either the user or target of mental powers.
        Discriminatory allows Us to determine the specific Mental Power
        being used, the level of power (ie, the Active Points, plus or
        minus 10%), and whether the power is being used grossly or
        subtly, if Us makes a PER Roll.]
10 Flight: 5", 0 END, Only accelerates at 5"/phase (-1/2)
        [Special effect: batlike wings.]
 6 HA, +2d6 (total 4d6)
        [Special effect: claws and teeth.]
 5 Mental Defense, 5 points
 3 Mental Defense, +5 points, linked to Mind Link A
 3 Mental Defense, +5 points, linked to Mind Link B
        [Special Effect: presents itself as a "mental barrier", a solid
        protection against mental attacks.]
 4 Mind Link A: to Body 2, Normal Range (-1/2), Increased Maximum Range
 4 Mind Link B: to Body 3, Normal Range (-1/2), Increased Maximum Range
        [Range: 5". A Mental Power. Instant mental communication; also
        receives the mental impressions of the other body's senses, but
        does not actually see through the other body's eyes.]
10 Shrinking, Persistant, Always On
        [1m, 12.5kg, -2 PER, +2 DCV, +3" KB]
10 Multipower: Standard Mentalist Powers
u1 EGO Attack, 1d6, 0 END
        [Special effect: induced pain]
u1 Mental Illusions, 2d6, 0 END
u1 Mind Control, 2d6, 0 END
u1 Mind Scan, 2d6, 0 END
u1 Telepathy, 2d6, 0 END
 7 EGO Attack, +1d6, linked to MLA (uses END)
 7 EGO Attack, +1d6, linked to MLB (uses END)
 7 Mental Illusions, +2d6, linked to MLA (uses END)
 7 Mental Illusions, +2d6, linked to MLB (uses END)
 7 Mind Control, +2d6, linked to MLA (uses END)
 7 Mind Control, +2d6, linked to MLB (uses END)
 7 Mind Scan, +2d6, linked to MLA (uses END)
 7 Mind Scan, +2d6, linked to MLB (uses END)
 7 Telepathy, +2d6, linked to MLA (uses END)
 7 Telepathy, +2d6, linked to MLB (uses END)

Disadvantages: Total: -150
-15 DNPC (eggs): Incompetent, 8-
-20 Distinctive Features (winged lizards): Not concealable, major
-20 Hunted (anti-alienists, anti-mentalists): More Powerful, 11-
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-20 Physical Limitation: all the time, greatly
        [No familiarity with Earth's culture, science, or laws. However,
        Us can understand and read English.]
-10 Physical Limitation (Cannot speak, must use telepathy to
        communicate with others)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Code Against Killing
-15 Psychological Limitation: Cannot Lie
-15 Psychological Limitation: Gullible

Body 2: Points: 208

Identical to Body 1, without Duplication, and changing references to
'Body 2' to 'Body 1'.

Body 3: Points: 208

Identical to Body 1, without Duplication, and changing references to
'Body 3' to 'Body 1'.


 In physical combat, Us always attempts to use coordinated attacks and
to get the multiple attacker bonus.

 Reason for Coming to Earth: Outcast! A fugitive from his own world for
political, social, racial and religious reasons. Us selected Earth as a
new home to be free of his world's prejudice and persecution.
 You see, on Us's homeworld, practically /every/ hivelizard is part of
a hivemind, usually with dozens, if not hundreds of hivelizard bodies.
The three lizards which form Us, however, are a special case: after
recently encountering the 'onebody' minds of non-hivelizards, some minds
offered the idea of creating smaller mind-units than usual in order to
better interact with and understand the aliens. This eventually led to
something resembling a war, or crusade, or hostile corporate
takeovers... and to the emigration of hivelizard eggs in the hopes of
creating a 'new society' of 'fewbody' minds. The ship carrying the eggs
that would hatch into Us was attacked, but sent a lifepod to Earth with
Us before being destroyed...

 Home environment: Mountains and cliffsides, especially with warm
grasslands or other open country nearby.
 Diet: Herder Carnivores. Before developing civilization, hivelizards
worked in groups, prowling about for groups of prey. Using teamwork to
single out a weak prey animal from its herd, they used a burst of speed
to catch it. They shared the top of the food chain with several other,
less intelligent species that have mostly been exterminated.
 Metabolism: Warm-blooded (like humans).
 Reproductive Strategy: Several offspring, with moderate neotony (closer
to dogs or cats than humans). Three sexes, oviparous (laying eggs).
 Shape: Six limbs, plus head and tail. The front limbs have crude hands,
about the level of chimps or orangutans; the middle ones are wings; and
the rear ones simple legs. They have small claws on each digit, and
sharp little teeth. Their skin is covered with scales. Their voice boxes
are limited to "animalistic" sounds - grunts, purrs, howls, and so

 Company, preferably lots of it, is a /necessity/. They react quite
positively to others of the same species, and are miserable when
alone... but the species instinctively dislikes 'outsiders'. They tend
to put the concerns of the group before their own.
 They are aware of others' emotions and are compelled to help others,
even enemies.
 The species is naturally cautious, always on the lookout for danger.


Thank you for your time,

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