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Original, Original, Original, Original

You may or may not already be aware, but there exists a boardgame, Phil Eklund’s “High Frontier”, which is a reasonably realistic simulation of using rockets to putter around the solar system and start industrializing it. The BoardGameGeek reviews are at .

What you may not have heard is that Mr. Eklund is currently designing an expansion to the original game, in which the goal is to launch STL interstellar colonization attempts… and the theme has a distinctly transhumanist flavour, with the current draft of some of the crew-types being “Immortal group mind”, “Zero-gee pantropists”, “Utility fog robonauts”, and a “Rental body guild”. Mr. Eklund has asked me to help with the flavourtext for those cards – and, if I can find any, some images for the crew cards that can be gotten with no copyright issues, that are better than the current ones. And since some of the best transhumanist-themed art I’ve found is here on DA… would any artists here be willing to have their work become part of a published board game?