I’m becoming more committed to producing a third Rationality Matters comic, and to make it the best as I can at what I want it to do: to persuade furries and libertarians to adopt LessWrong/Sequences ideas and become more rational.

I’m trying to use the idea from HP:MoR’s chapter 25 about how to go about doing that… and, as part of that, I’m trying to figure out which particular LessWrong ideas to promote – things that are more specific than rah-rahing rationality as ‘how to win’. Page-space is limited, and I doubt I’ll make a fourth “Rationality Matters” in the same format, so… which LessWrong thoughts would you most like to see mentioned? Which ones do you feel are most valuable, or important, or at the very least are easy to compress into a comprehensible soundbite?

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