If you haven’t seen it already: “There she is!!” by SamBakZa, five manwha-style videos about a girl rabbit and boy cat.

Caution: Mood whiplash in episode 4.

Main page: http://www.sambakza.net/works_tsi/tsi_main.html

Ep 1, “There She Is!!”: http://www.sambakza.net/works_tsi/t…..tsi_step1.html
Ep 2, “Cake Dance”: http://www.sambakza.net/works_tsi/t…..step2_eng.html
Ep 3, “Doki & Nabi”: http://www.sambakza.net/works_tsi/t…..tsi_step3.html
Ep 4, “Paradise”: http://www.sambakza.net/works_tsi/t…..tsi_step4.html
Ep 5, “Imagine”: http://www.sambakza.net/works_tsi/t…..tsi_step5.html

TV Tropes description: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.p…..ain/ThereSheIs (Contains spoilers)

There she is!! is a five episode Web Original Animated Series by Amalloc of the Korean web animation team SamBakZa.

The series is drawn in the Korean Manhwa style, done without dialogue to K-Pop music. It’s about a girl rabbit who meets up with a boy cat, and falls in love with him, much to his initial dismay.

The sheer emotional impact and cuteness of its art, plot, and message can not be adequately explained with words. Having taken five years to complete, There she is!! is still considered one of the best flash series on the internet and is a must-see.

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