The bad news – no significant progress on “Myou’ve”.

The good news – I have been able to arrange for time dedicated to creativity/inspiration, and have been able to get back into something approaching a story-creation groove… enough so that I almost have a full story ready to write out. It’s not the story-idea I was working on before, which I’m afraid has stalled out. Instead, it’s another fanfic-fanfic, and I have characters, theme, mood, and events of the plot just about all lined up nicely. About all I’m currently lacking, before I put fingers to keys to finalize the thing, is an actual ending. I’ve thought of a few possibilities, but none are satisfying, and all would require slight adjustments to the overall story – thus, why I haven’t started writing it yet.

I’m going to pull another trick from my writerly back of tricks, and try focusing my attention elsewhere for a day or two, so that my subconscious can chew over things on its own. If I don’t come up with anything new by, say, Boxing Day, then I’ll just pick the best of the ending ideas I’ve got, and start writing the whole thing out.

In the meantime, here’s something I wrote a few months ago, and tried posting, but was unable to due to certain restrictions on what FimFiction allows to be posted:

Title: The Shortest MLP-FIM Fanfic Story in the World

Authour: DataPacRat

Tags: Sad, Dark, Alternate Universe

Description: It’s the shortest MLP-FIM fanfic story in the world. This description is longer than the story itself.

The last pony in Equestria

heard a knock at the door.

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