I always enjoy the mental shiftings that occur when I have a thought which ties up and simplifies a lot of other thoughts – that point where a bunch of seemingly random dots on a page shift and start forming a map, or a picture.

A random happenstance reminded me today of something about myself that I’d forgotten: the overarching idea which lies behind a number of my individual enthusiasms and hobbies. Ham radio, conlangs, SETI, encryption, programming classic computers, heraldry and vexillology, ancient Egyptian and modern Lojban, mathematical notation, calendar systems, and more; they all share at least part of the same idea: storing and sending information in ways most people wouldn’t understand.

Even my chosen nom de net is derived a now-obsolete networking system.

This blog doesn’t have any particular purpose, besides collating all of my social networking posts into a single site. But perhaps I can try writing a few posts highlighting some of the OOCPs I enjoy.

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