I’ve been in touch with the authours of RFC 4151, and they don’t endorse complicating up that simple protocol with my ideas for an authentication URI. I can fully understand that, and don’t disagree.

Thus, if the idea does get off the ground, it will nigh-certainly be under a different name than ‘tag:’. The first few possibilities that came to my mind were ‘nym:’, ‘dub:’, ‘peg:’, and ‘id:’.

Relatedly, they pointed out that the dating could be improved. So I’m most likely going to have the new URI, whatever its name is, allow for not just a date for the authority, but also for each identifier being described, so that the system can express the idea “The person who had email X on 2013-06-05 is the person who had email Y on 2013-06-06”. (If done right, this could also allow for the expression of “The person who had email X on 2000-01-01 is the person who still/also has email X on 2012-12-21”.)

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