Whether or not you have a ‘business’ for which a card is required, there is still good value in having a social card, sometimes called a networking card – or, if you prefer to go old-school, a calling card.

(I’ve blurred out the details I don’t feel like spreading /too/ wantonly: my phone number, and the QR code which contains my name, email address, phone number, and a link to an online vCard file which contains the most recently updated versions of all of the above.)

I know of few-to-none business cards which contain cuneiform. I know of even fewer which have it as an accurate translation of information on the card, rather than as merely a background decorative element. (Ditto Mayan hieroglyphs, Egyptian hieroglyphs, tengwar, Ogham, Morse code of a ham radio callsign, international phonetic alphabet, etc.)

card back websafe

card front websafe

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