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“Now the FCC are trying to take away the free internet,” she says, referencing SOPA. “I remember Goebbels. I grew up over there.”

From BoingBoing’s comments:

Anselm Yesterday 10:43 PM
Folks, listen up. When the Patriot Act passed, my grandmother called my mother and said “Get out! Get out now! I’ve seen this before- this is how it starts! Come back to Germany!”

And now Mrs. Rainey is saying the same thing.

For those who don’t know- Germans don’t invoke names like Goebbels as a joke. That was a very serious accusation, and not one that should be met with disbelief or even anger, but with an instant stop and a moment of self-reflection.

cnawan Today 01:41 AM
F*ck. f*ck. f*ck.
I cannot stop crying.

My mother-in-law married a german whose uncle was in the Waffen SS. (needless to say his family don’t talk to him any more.) Vater-in-law has been helping intellectually disabled ppl in AU for years. Mutter-in-law’s parents (badass academics) went on a cycle tour of Europe in 1935 – they came back to NZ and told Rotary Club members/whoever that sh!t was going down in Europe.

No-one would believe them.

Make your own judgment.

If I had any family left in the USA, I would tell them to

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