Original, Original

My cat likes to pretend she’s a seatbelt when I use my laptop computer. Today, when the phone rang and I tried to get up to answer it, some combination of movements ended up with my laptop crashing to the floor… and crashing whenever I try to run any useful software.

I’m current working on trying to copy as much as-yet-un-backed-up data as I can to my external hard-drive (which is a good idea anyway). If I can’t figure out what the problem is and fix it… I’m probably going to have to funnel all my discretionary money towards a replacement. My phone just doesn’t. It it for any serious computing.

This also means that outside any commitments I’ve already made, I’m unlikely to do any commissioning for the foreseeable future.

Update: Took it in to the shop. Good news: it looks like they’ll be able to save my data, if nothing else. No word yet on the rest of the hardware.

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