As Dee and her nakama build a colony for themselves in the asteroids, they find a need for a workhorse vessel – and design a class of spaceship which fills all their needs, and then some.

The inital model used for the first trips, the SF-0 “Zip”, had a somewhat different drive configuration than became standard. Once it was rebuilt with the new manufacturing processes available on the V-type asteroids, it was redesignated the SF-1 “Love”. The next ships sharing the design were the SF-2 “Unity”, SF-3 “Imagination”, SF-4 “Napier”, SF-5 “Ludolph”, and SF-6 “Euler”. Most official markings are English written in the Unifon script.

Crew: 8
Dry Mass: 135 tonnes
Typical fuel mass: 240 tonnes
Rated cargo mass: 440 tonnes
Main thruster: antiproton-catalyzed n-6Li microfission

From left to right: Non-aerodynamic lander; containerized cargo; small heat radiators for hab section; main comm antenna; a pair of counter-rotating sections, each with three inflatable habitat modules; the main boom and radiators, with tanks for water-propellant inside the boom; and the main drive.

Artwork by http://varus-argo.deviantart.com/ .

Further details: http://www.datapacrat.com/hf/superfreighter.html

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